Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Freddy Garcia to the Yankees?

With the M's off to one of the worst starts in franchise history, it cannot go unnoticed to the Mariners front office that another team is off to a slow start- the Yankees.

While the Yankees are not hitting, it is reasonable to assume Giambi, Jeter, Williams etc... will break out of their slump. It is the Yankees pitching woes that should be intriguing to both M's fans, and their front office. While both Brown and Vazquez have been effective, Mussina and Contreras have struggled mightily. The Yanks don't even have a viable 5th starter, which goes to show how little $180 million will get you these days.

So while I wouldn't expect Garcia to be in pinstripes next week, I do expect the rumors to begin immediately. A quick check of the Yankees farm system shows little to interest M's fans, and the Yankees starting line-up doesn't offer any rising young stars the M's would covet.

This is where Bavasi can establish himself as an effective GM. Can you say three-way trade M's fans?

If the M's are creative, something they have not shown themselves to be in the past, they can use the current crisis in NY to their advantage. While not many teams are willing to make a trade this early in the season, you start laying the groundwork early. Like now.

It's time for Bavasi to have Cashman's number speed-dialed in his phone. If you have some ideas on who the M's should target (Beltran?) let's hear 'em!