Mariners Analysis

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Joel's struggles in spring training look to have carried over to the regular season, as the M's lose 10-7 to Anaheim. After being down 8-0 early in the game, it was nice to see the bats come alive and make a game of it.

It was not good to see Jarvis back in the game, where he gave up yet another run. I cannot see why we are carrying 12 pitchers and have to watch Jarvis give up runs and kill any momentum we were building.

The defense is not clicking right now, and that's not helping any either.

The theory that Safeco is not a hitters park and balls don't carry early in the season isn't working. Either Anaheim is really playing over their heads or that theory is incorrect. They aren't just hitting home runs- they are hitting doubles against the wall, hard fly balls etc. Let's hope Freddy doesn't run into his usual problem of having a big inning by giving up the long ball...