Mariners Analysis

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Well Freddy pitched well, but the M's lose 5-1 after Shiggy allows 5 runs in the 9th.

The M's complete lack of power was on display again, and already people are questioning Melvin- should Freddy have come out so early (94 pitches), why didn't Hasegawa start the 9th etc...

I thought the M's should have gone after Dusty last year, and fans really have to wonder if the M's would have made the playoffs last year with him instead of Melvin. (I'll bet Baker could find a place to play Bradley, dontcha think?)

It's still early in the season, but the fears us fans had early in the year were on full display-

  • have I mentioned the no power?
  • defense is worse than last year (although the M's are better than what we've seen so far)
  • Melvin will make calls that lead to second guessing all year
  • when Ichiro doesn't hit, the offense stalls; he's hitting .154 after today's game

The Mariners are better than what we've seen, but having to play the Angels, A's and Rangers is not going to be easy. Franklin goes against Redman tomorrow down in Oakland- I look for the M's to be embarrassed and bounce back.