Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Wow, opening night really showcased the Mariners upcoming season. Things we already knew include:
* If Ichiro doesn't get on base, the Mariners "offense" stalls. No power means the M's rely on stringing together multiple hits. It can literally take 3-4 hits in an inning to drive in a run- if Ichiro or Winn's speed isn't on base, I can't see this team scoring many runs.
* Kevin Jarvis does not belong on this team, and is an embarrassment to the front office. If Jarvis doesn't give up three runs, the M's might have felt they were still in the game.
* This team needs solid starting pitching- we cannot outslug teams, and if the starting pitching has a bad night, we are in trouble. This team will contend only if all five starting pitchers keep them in games.
* Ichiro has not learned plate discipline. I'm sure everyone saw the count 3-2, and Ichiro swing at a ball so low it had grass stains during his second time at the plate.
* The fans are restless. People who are surprised to hear fans booing our new shortstop need to get out more. Fans have invested a lot of time and money in the past few years, and they expect more from the front office. Those boos were directed right at Lincoln, Bavasi and crew- I have no doubt. If Jose Cruz Jr. was our new left fielder and dropped a ball, he would be given some slack. Not so 32-year old castoffs on one-year contracts who remind no one of Tejada or Matsui. Don't take it personally Rich, but the front office had a terrible off season and you are in the crosshairs.

Let's hope Joel can right the ship tonight- it's a long season, go M's!