Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

AL Shortstop All-Star??

Okay, we know it's way too early to talk about this stuff, but All-Star ballots are now being handed out at ballparks across the country. With time to kill while Melvin makes yet ANOTHER pitching change, you have to at least start looking at early contenders, right?

So the first thing that really jumped out is how complicated the AL shortstop race will be. In years past, the only consideration was whether to take 3 shortstops- Jeter, A-Rod and/or Nomar.

But now A-Rod's at third, Nomar hasn't played due to injury, and Jeter's had the worst start in his career.

For the first time in years, you actually have to think about your AL shortstops. Could a Texas Ranger shortstop be at the All-Star game and not be named Alex?