Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

As predicted earlier... M's brass begins spin-control

I said a few weeks back we'll start hearing how the M's have to get younger. This comes, of course, after an off-season where the M's played up how great it is to have a "veteran" team. How great it is to have Villone back, Myers, Olerud, Martinez...

After all, when Bavasi traded Guillen to open a spot for our current grizzled old veteran, they had to give a reason. And the reason had to do with "veterans."

Per Peter Gammons:

"Hats off to GM Bill Bavasi for recognizing the Mariners' problem is that they need to get younger, more athletic and energetic."

What kind of crap is this!!!!

The M's didn't accidentally field a team without a single position player who cares what time the bars close. You have to really work at creating a roster this old- and now that the M's are off to a slow start, the spin begins about how we need to get "younger."

It was as predictable as spring showers in Seattle. Can I get any more frustrated than I am today with our front office?

Also from our good friend Bavasi-

regarding Garcia "I can't talk specifics. It's not even on the radar screen..."

Better get it on the radar Bavasi. In case you haven't heard, the M's are getting younger- LOL!