Mariners Analysis

Friday, May 21, 2004

Bidding war for Garcia?

Nice to see a win yesterday, but there's little reason for enthusiasm with this bunch of geriatrics.

The real news from yesterday was Derek Lowe. The former M has not been pitching that well, and the Yankees are playing some good ball. This means Theo and crew must be getting a little nervous about their pitching.

This is where the M's start a bidding war for Garcia.

Among rent-a-pitchers at the trade deadline, no one beside Randy Johnson will generate as much demand as Garcia. It's hard to believe Arizona will let Johnson go, so that leaves Garcia. It's not often a pitcher with as much upside as Garcia comes along at the trading deadline, and the Yanks and Red Sox figure to battle all summer.

Bavasi needs to take a hard look at Boston's lineup and get creative. How about Garcia for Trot Nixon? Jason Varitek would look great in an M's uniform. Nomar?

The point is, the M's need to get a rumor going. That will get the Yanks attention, which will in turn increase the value of Garcia. I know the M's front office likes to keep quiet in these types of situations, but this type of trade demands the opposite. Keeping quiet about a trade doesn't generate a bidding war.

Bavasi, use the press as your proxy and generate some value for one of the few precious commodities on this team. If you don't, you are simply not doing your job as the leader of the Seattle Mariners.