Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Big Mariner homestand

With the M's mired in last place, and playing their worst baseball in years, a series against Baltimore would seem to have little interest.

And that's where things get interesting. While the M's can talk about making changes all they want, the seats at Safeco will tell everything.

Or rather, lack of seats. With the Yankees providing all the interest last series, Safeco set attendance records. Now that we have Baltimore coming to town, you can bet Howard Lincoln will be more interested in the number of fans than he will in the M's play.

Put simply, if fans keep filling Safeco, the M's have more time to tinker with the roster. They also have the luxury of knowing they have the revenue this summer to take on salary. But if fans are not coming to the games, then a more immediate action will be required.

The next few homestands will decide how quickly change is coming to this roster.