Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Catch Mariner Fever?

Not a chance. I'm sure Bavasi and others might try to sell the idea the M's are climbing out of a hole and get you to take notice of the nifty 3 game winning streak. Let's see what kind of quotes we see in the papers tomorrow morning.

But let's face it, you play the Tigers and Indians, somebody has to win. Just a few days ago, this same club faced getting swept by the Tigers.

At home.

And avoided a sweep due to outstanding pitching by Freddy Garcia.

Who won't be back next year.

Wake me when we get to Boston. If the M's do well there, perhaps we can start talking about at least playing .500 ball for a stretch. As bad as the M's have been this year, there is no way they are a .333 team with one of the worst records in baseball. So the M's will start winning series again here and there, but it won't mean anything until this roster is overhauled.

I hope these games don't change any plans in the front-office, or these wins will be counterproductive long term.