Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Clint Nageotte on his way

As everyone is reporting, Clint Nageotte is on his way to the big club, or so it would seem- link

I think it's a good move, but it needs to be the first of many. I know some are upset with the Mariners using young guys in the bullpen to start their career, but I don't have a problem with it as a general rule.

I'm sure we all remember Soriano coming up and starting as a reliever. While he did great his first few starts, it was quickly evident he needed more than a fastball to succeed in the majors. He went back down, armed with the experience and knowledge of what he needed, and had a break-out year in '03. Reliever, starter- it doesn't matter, you gained the experience you need to succeed in the bigs.

And certainly Piniero has benefited from the same strategy as well.

The immediate problem you face in putting him in the rotation is where does he pitch? We have 5 starters, and unless trade or demotion happens, there is simply no room for a regular slot to pitch a new guy.

Besides, we all agree starting pitching is not the problem- we need bats.

I still argue we need to bring up Jamal Strong immediately. Let Ibanez and Olerud platoon at first, move Winn to left, and put Strong in center. We just got younger, faster, upgraded our defense, and didn't have to juggle the 40-man roster.

Can anyone give me a compelling reason not to?