Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Congrats to Randy, and the M's are trying too hard

Thanks to loyal reader Greg for the update on Randy's perfect game (grin).

Randy is definitely the most exciting pitcher I've ever seen. Wow.

And to think the M's announced they would not be signing Randy Johnson to a contract extension on the same day Griffey received his MVP. What a great idea that was! But let's not go there right now- we have enough issues to deal with.

The other stat that jumped out was how few pitchers have thrown no-hitters in both leagues, and how Hideo Nomo is one of them! I had completely forgotten that fact, and prefer to keep it that way. Bing! Item deleted from memory bank.

After the first few innings, it's obvious the players are trying too hard. When Spiezo tried to stretch that single into a double, I immediately yelled out loud "No! You'll never make it." Apparently he didn't hear me and was promptly thrown out.

Of course you can't blame him for trying. He knows if he is stuck at first base, he's still 3 singles from scoring, so an A for effort, an F for the result.

And how about Ichiro making that throw to third when he knew he had no chance, thereby allowing the batter to slide into second instead of keeping the double play open.

The players are trying too hard right now. It shows, and it is hurting all of them. Melvin needs to prove he is a capable big league manager and stop these silly mental lapses of judgment.

The M's simply can't afford to give anyone an out. An extra base. An extra anything.