Mariners Analysis

Monday, May 24, 2004

Expect first changes by end of week

The Detroit series was the final nail many of use were looking for. With the M's unable to hit very suspect pitching, and facing a sweep yesterday with Garcia on the hill, management had no choice but to realize there is no miraculous turnaround for this year. (ie- it was not lost on management they got a win yesterday from a pitcher who almost certainly will not be on the club next year).

We can assume Rich Aurilia has been offered to the Cubs, and the fact the trade hasn't been announced already means the Cubs are cool to the idea. Instead the M's have to either sweeten the pot or face releasing him. Let's face it, if the M's can't prove to the Cubs there aren't other clubs involved, the Cubs would be foolish to trade for him. Why not just wait till he's released and pay the minimum.

We saw with Jeff Cirillo just how painful it is for the M's to release a player with money owed. Let's hope they realize it is best to just cut your losses rather than let a player with no future linger on the roster.

I expect the first call-ups by the end of the week. The next step right now is to notify the players what is going on- both Jon and Rich have been informed change is coming- and to figure out the 40 man roster.

This rebuild will take all summer, but change is finally coming sooner than we thought just last week.