Mariners Analysis

Monday, May 17, 2004

Mariner bashing growing stronger

Now that it's clear to everyone in the world that these M's are not just starting slowly, but are just plain bad, the M's bashing grows stronger. example- Thiel

It's hard for beat-writers and columnists to bash a teams architecture too early in the season, because they have to both live with these guys with the rest of the season, and don't want to look like idiots if they turn it around.

However almost no one believes this team will turn it around now, so the finger pointing grows stronger.

Notice how Melvin uses words like "not something we're built to do " to describe his teams inability to hit for power.

Melvin will tell you he is doing the best he can with what he was given, and Bavasi will tell you on paper this team is better than it has played ie. the coaching staff is to blame.

Let's face it, Bavasi is not going to admit the teams chief architect sucks. And Melvin isn't going to say he is still learning on the job.

If the M's losing continues, Melvin will not be back next season, regardless of a symbolic contract extension.

All this bashing demands someone gets bashed.