Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Mondesi an M?

There's no way the M's would ever consider Mondesi would they?

Per Jason Stark today-

"It will set a beautiful precedent for unhappy players everywhere if Raul Mondesi can void his contract in Pittsburgh, then wind up with a two-year deal with a club more to his liking. But there are rumblings that could well happen sometime in the next month -- with St. Louis, Seattle and Anaheim all believed to be knocking on his door. Let's just say plenty of people in the game will be appalled if that's how it works out."

If even the interest turns out to be true, this tells us a couple of things.

1) Gillick.. er, I mean Bavasi is desperate.
2) Character no longer matters (or very little anyway).

I will go crazy if the M's sign an over-30, unhappy baseball player and expect me to come out and watch him pout all game long.

I'm just going to ignore this rumor and assume it was started by Mondesi's agent.