Mariners Analysis

Sunday, May 30, 2004

M's didn't get embarrassed...

It's hard to be super positive about losing 2 of 3 to Boston, but the M's were at least competitive. Obviously it sucks to lose in extra innings today, but the M's have won more than their share this year, so all in all they can't be too upset. They had plenty of chances, but just can't seem to get it done consistently.

Franklin pitched like a #4 starter should- keeps the game close and gives you an opportunity to win. There is a reason that Boston is neck-and-neck with NY- they are a very good team. It shows what a team like the M's with an $80 million payroll, and a team like Boston, spending $117 million, look like.

If the M's had Boston's payroll, we'd see Tejada at short, and Vlad in the outfield.

Ah, don't get me started. This team refuses to recognize the value of draft picks and can't develop position players, and we are seeing what an old, tired team looks like.

Oh well, I'm sure Bavasi has a solid plan... <-insert sarcasm here.