Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Roster changes for M's unlikely before June

Last nights 7-2 loss to Baltimore was so pathetic even Melvin couldn't find much to praise. Bad baserunning, bad mental errors, no passion. This team is so boring to watch even the announcers are getting frustrated trying to generate something good to talk about.

Yet its obvious the losing is not prompting Bavasi and company to suddenly change their philosophy of how to run a baseball team. It was made clear after the game Olerud is not about to be let go, no trades are imminent, and Jose Lopez shouldn't be apartment shopping in Seattle anytime soon.

And yet the current situation is so unacceptable that something has to change. I would look for the team to see if Chicago is interested in taking our aging, no-defense SS off our hands as the first step. Few teams are willing to make major trades this early in the season, so don't expect the major changes Larue talked about very quickly. It will likely be the All-Star break before we see major lineup changes.

And yet if the offense continues to be as bad as last night, don't they HAVE to make changes?

Let's hope Franklin pitches a gem tonight, but we have to respect the Orioles lineup. I think we might be a little hard on Freddy with regards to last nights pitching- this is a very good hitting team. A few points-

  • Seattle has no position player with over 20 RBI's (Wilson and Boone with 19)
  • Baltimore has 5 players with more than 20 RBI's
  • Last night the Angels beat the Yankees 1-0. It took 11 hits to generate that one run (right out of Seattle's playbook).
  • Derek Jeter went 0-4 last night and is hitting .190
  • The O's would make a great trading partner for the M's. They have hitting, need pitching, not in our division.
  • Let's pray Dusty needs a SS really, really bad.
  • Jason Schmidt, almost a Mariner, pitched a 1-hitter last night. That's about what it takes to be a winning pitcher for the M's right now.
  • I agree Beltran is worth (in baseball terms) $16 million a year right now, but almost certainly will not be in the final 3-4 years of his future contract. Boras will win again, and who will be the losing team next year?