Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Should the M's pursue Beltran?

There's no question Beltran is the hottest free-agent to be this year. With ESPN highlighting his latest accomplishments, with the Yankees neck-and-neck with the Red Sox- he will be THE most talked about commodity all the way to the trading deadline.

And with the Royals sinking deeper by the second, many M's fans are yelling loudly for his presence at Safeco.

What's a poor Bavasi to do?

The answer to how he'd look in a Seattle uniform is the easiest question of all. He would be a HUGE upgrade for a team badly in need of one. The positives are so many, they are pointless to argue:
- the message it sends to the fans
- upgraded defense
- morale boost to players
- finally a big bat in the line-up
- a position player under 30...
You could go on and on. The only question many fans are asking is simply WHAT ARE THE M's WAITING FOR!!

With the Royals badly in need of pitching, and with young pitchers the only commodity the M's have, it would seem a match made in heaven. The M's should be the clear front-runner for Beltran.

Until you read the name....

Scott Boras.

And then reality comes crashing home to M's fans and leadership alike. Suddenly acquiring Beltran seems as likely as a trade for A-Rod himself. Simply not gonna happen.

With the Yanks the leading contender to sign Beltran, should the M's even bother? With Boras wanting top dollar, it's hard to see the M's paying the kind of money they have never spent in the past. If you won't spend $75 million for Tejada or Guerrero, how bad must it get this summer before we can expect the M's to pay $130 million for Beltran??

If I were the M's, I'd be calling Scott Boras and find out if Beltran is agreeable to a sign-and-trade deal. If so, then full speed ahead on sealing a deal with KC. If he won't agree, and there is little reason to think he will, then the M's have no choice but to look elsewhere. (Already we are hearing the Yankees have a deal with the Royals all worked out, and are simply waiting for the Royals to fall further out of contention before announcing it.)

There's a better chance we'll see Griffey hugging Lincoln before we see Beltran roaming Safeco for the home team. Sadly, seeing Beltran in an M's uniform is simply not going to happen. Look elsewhere M's fans, look elsewhere.