Mariners Analysis

Friday, May 28, 2004

Vegas line huge for the M's tonight

In what would seem to be one of the biggest locks in sports history, Pedro takes the mound against the M's. It would be a huge upset if the M's were to take this one tonight, which at least gives us a reason to watch (unlike the Tiger's and Indian's series).

In a way, it would be helpful if the M's just look like a bad little league team against Martinez, but I dislike Pedro enough to not want that to happen. If we do look bad, it might hasten these changes we keep hearing about but haven't actually seen. I had predicted change would be coming this weekend, and with Meche pitching so poorly last night that should make the decision to do SOMETHING even easier.

But this management team is so conservative they make Rush Limbaugh look like an arts school dropout. They are so afraid of making the wrong choice and hurting someones feelings they instead do nothing, hoping the choices become easier.

After all, if Olerud starts hitting, if Aurilia drives in a run, if Martinez quits striking out so much... then Bavasi's job gets a whole lot easier. You can just see the M's front-office praying these guys get it together before they have to actually make a gutsy call.

I challenge the M's front-office to IMPROVE THIS TEAM. I can't stand watching them play right now, and I am embarrassed as an M's fan to go into a weekend with Boston and hope they don't get no-hit twice.

Remember when Edgar admitted after yet another missed trading deadline the players wanted the team to make a move, if for no other reason than to show the players they care?

This must be as equally frustating for Martinez to watch this team stink it up and watch the front-office sit on their hands. Fricking do something!!!