Mariners Analysis

Friday, May 07, 2004

Weekend series against Yanks

It doesn't matter how the M's are playing; when the Yanks come to town, you can't help but get excited to watch some baseball.

Quick thoughts:
- Thankfully we are catching the back-end of the Yanks rotation. If Brown or Vazquez was pitching, there's even money they would throw a no-hitter.
- The M's have 3 extra-base hits in the last three games!!!
- And still won two of three.
- Freddy is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball right now. His trade value will be enormous if he keeps this up.
- It's too bad Freddy won't get the chance to pitch against the Yanks like he did last night. It would have made a strong impression on a team that will be looking at Freddy before the deadline.
- Unless the M's offense wakes up, the Yanks should sweep this weekend.

This series should really tell us something about these M's. The stands will be full, but will they support the team if they continuing hitting like they have?

Will Ichiro hear boos if he can't get on base? Will fans even boo Mr. Mariner himself, Edgar?

The fans want to cheer, but will the team give them something to cheer about?