Mariners Analysis

Monday, May 10, 2004

Weekend with Yanks as expected

The M's didn't get swept, so the fans should be happy they went home happy at least once this weekend. Other than the surprise win Friday night, when it looked like the Mariners had a chance to generate some momentum for the weekend, the series went as expected.

We knew going into this series the M's bats go silent when facing top pitching. This was confirmed Saturday with Mussina and Sunday against the Yanks bullpen. So the lack of runs was expected.

The lack of power- check.
Inconsistent bullpen- check.
Poor defense- check.

One of the few surprises was Franklin's superb pitching Friday. I have been more positive than most when it comes to Franklin, but Friday night was simply fantastic. I hope Ryan can build off that amazing performance and really gain some confidence- shutting down a line-up like the Yankees rollout is special.

I will now officially take back something I said earlier- that Winn and Ibanez' defense was not a major concern. After this weekend, I am ready to admit that Winn is simply incapable of playing major-league quality defense in center. I'm really surprised he has looked as poorly as he has.

And Ibanez on that "dive" last night that resulted in a double- Yikes! I watch 20+ little league games a year and have seen better defense among pre-teen teams then I've seen this year from the M's.

Worse than being bad, this team is boring to watch. I hope we see some call-ups soon, if for no other reason than giving me a reason to sit though a game.