Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Would any team besides the Yankees trade for Boone?

While we all stand by and wait for the first changes to be announced, I've noticed a number of people have suggested possibly trading Brett Boone. Per the Seattle P-I: link

"Boone has tremendous trade value, and as he knows, anything can happen, even the trading of the club's most productive hitter the past three years."

Does Brett Boone really have tremendous trade value? He is on the last year of his contract, with a $9 million option for next year. This means most clubs would consider him a rent-a-player in a trade this summer. Let's face it, not many hitters are getting $9 million deals right now, and far fewer are in their thirties and currently mired in a slump and battling injuries.

(Note: You could argue Boone is costing himself millions this year if he continues to struggle- so much for having a contract year.)

But how many teams would be willing to give something of significant value for Boone? The obvious team again is the Yankees, who clearly would not blink at a $9 million option for next year, and would see Boone as an upgrade over Wilson or anyone else they throw out there. I just can't see smaller market clubs like the Reds or Twins giving up good prospects for a stretch drive, and Boone would have to go on a tear for a team like the Dodgers to risk bringing him over to the National League and hope he can help them get to the WS.

No, I just don't see "tremendous" value for Boone. I think what is confusing the situation is that so many of the M's batters suck so badly that a player that actually has value sticks out like a sore thumb. What the writer means to say is Boone is a player that actually has a possibility of providing value to another team- something no position player other than Ichiro you could really make an argument for. What a team would be willing to give up to obtain that value is still debatable, as is whether the M's would actually trade him.

If someone like the Yankees are 2 games behind the Sox at the All Star break, how about packaging Boone and Garcia as part of a mega trade....

Ack, what am I saying!! I hate the Yankees, what is wrong with me.

Go Boston!