Mariners Analysis

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Beltran trade

First impressions of the Beltran trade? About what you'd expect. We knew KC wasn't going to get everything they wanted- not with Boras being the player to-be-named later. So they get a starting pitcher, a catcher and a 3rd base prospect.

I see already some of the other blogs are down on what KC got in return. I think they are being pretty critical of the prospects, as KC could very easily have an average 3rd baseman, starting pitcher and catcher. For a team with the worst record in the AL, that's a nice place to start, as all will be cheap for years to come.

If the M's were smart, they'd realize the same thing. No team not named the Yankees can have All Stars at every position. If you can get 3 guys ready to help your club at minimum salary, that's a great way to gain financial flexibility.

The bigger concern for M's fans is of course watching Billy make his team better IMMEDIATELY. He didn't wait around for his team to blow 10 more saves, or get swept by Texas. He saw a problem and at least tried to fix it. Dotel is probably about as good as Billy could get at this point in the season.

As far as Houston, who cares? I want the Cubs to win!