Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Best pitcher in the modern era?

While it was disappointing to see the M's lose 1-0 last night, the roughly 34,000 at Safeco last night at least got to see the greatest pitcher they will likely ever come across. Some people have commented on not seeing him at his finest- he did manage to shut out the M's. Then again, that's not really saying much, is it.

The M's did play some nice defense. I hope Melvin will understand that if Winn was in center, this would not have been a 1-0 game. We actually saw some great plays coming from the CF position, and I hope Melvin is watching closely. Given some of his crazy statements of late, I have no idea what he will do when Ibanez comes back.

Regarding the play at home that allowed the one run to score. A number of people have taken to commenting on Winn's throw. All I can say is the throw was way ahead of the runner, and if Wilson holds on to the ball, he's out. You can talk about Randy's lousy arm all you want, but that play was all about Wilson, IMO.

Finally, I sincerely hope this is Edgar's last season. Watching him come to the plate in critical situations and look foolish time and time again is getting old. It is so obvious he is pressing, trying to make something happen. I am seeing Edgar swinging at pitches he never swung at in the past. I don't know if it is his eyes, his slower swing, or what, but he is on pace for roughly 150 strikeouts.

Barring a second-half turnaround, I have to assume this is Edgar's last season.

Let's see how Freddy does today. He has the lowest ERA of any starting pitcher in interleage play, which might mean something if I'm an NL team looking to bolster my pitching this year...