Mariners Analysis

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Bret Boone will not be traded this summer

I still keep seeing plenty of commentary on the issue of trading Boone this summer. You'll also notice articles mentioning the fact you might not get much for Garcia. Let's look at the two-
- Both are free agents at the end of this year (unless you want to bring back Boone's option for $9 million, which I can't imagine a team doing besides the Yankees and M's)
- Boone is old
- Garcia is young
- Boone is having a terrible year so far
- Garcia is having a terrific year
- Lots of teams need pitching
- Fewer teams need veteran 2nd basemen

So explain to me why we feel Boone will bring in talent but Garcia won't?

As I've said before, I am sure a team like the Yankees might value Boone's pop and Gold Glove defense, but other teams are few and far between. How many are willing to add payroll, or have prospects to give? Not many.

Given that Boone is such a popular player in Seattle, and we have no stud 2nd basemen waiting in the wings, I expect Boone to be here all summer.

Count on it.