Mariners Analysis

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Edgar strikes out in the 9th?

Wow, who could have predicted such a thing? But really, we'll go easy on Edgar- there were plenty of offensive at-bats last night.

I would congratulate Franklin on a nice pitching performance, but because it's the Expos I'll refrain. I know a lot of M's fans do not like Ryan, which leaves me as one of his biggest supporters outside of family. All I'll say is at least our manager didn't leave the starter in too long...

Otherwise, I have to wonder how many fans last night felt like they received good value for their money. Watching the M's squander scoring opportunities is about as boring as it gets- I'd rather see 9-7 games than the borefest we saw last night.

On another note-

I agree we need to leave Beltran to teams still looking to make the postseason. Let's see how KC handles trading a star, and compare to Bavasi's approach.

You know, stick your head in the sand and pray the nightmare ends...