Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 21, 2004

Enough with the Boone trade scenarios

I keep reading and hearing from people talking about trading Bret Boone. If we ignore for a minute whether we should trade our former All Star 2nd baseman, lets focus on reality.

There is no trade market for Bret Boone.

I think the impression that Bret is valuable is based simply on the fact he has been so good for so long (in Seattle years), surely he must have tremendous value. Just a few years ago, the guy was a serious MVP candidate. So why do I believe he has no trade value?

Look back on Bret's career:
- he came to Seattle as an afterthought when we lost Alex
- he had to take a one year, $3 million offer from the club (sound familiar ie. Rich Aurilia anyone?)
- only after a breakout year did he get the 3 year deal, with an option for the 4th (the club fought to the end to not have to go 4 years- that looks to be a good call right now)
- many believed he'd never duplicate the success he had in 2001
- this year he has performed terribly
- he is going to be due $9 million next year after 450 PA

Name a club that would take Bret Boone and his $9 million option right now. For nothing.

If Bret Boone were put on waivers, with a club having to take on nothing more than his salary, most clubs would pass without hesitation. There are very few clubs willing to take on $9 million next year for a veteran player having a terrible year.

The only club that jumps to mind are the Yankees. Obviously they would have no problem with the salary, and Bret even in a down year is an upgrade over anything they are rolling out there right now. But the Yankees have come right out and said pitching is their priority- until they get their starting rotation figured out, they are not trading for Bret Boone. And even if they did want Bret, who do they have that even interests us?

The only way Bret can increase his value is if he starts hitting. Which to date he shows no signs of doing. And of course if Bret had a more reasonable contract (say 3 years at $4 mil/year) then he would have trade value.

So w/o even factoring in the M's have no second baseman in the wings, he is popular, he is one of the only power sources in the lineup etc... we can see little reason the M's would trade him.

But the simplest reason of all (and I don't care what Peter Gammons is reporting) why the M's won't trade Bret Boone is because they can't.