Mariners Analysis

Friday, June 04, 2004

Exciting team coming to Safeco

Oh wait, Houston is not until next week. Oh well, we can watch those lovable White Sox until Clemens comes to town.

I took a look at the NY Times article on Jose Contreras and supposed M's interest. I don't buy it at all. This sounds more like a NY fan dreaming about somebody taking this guy off their team. After all, it must be killing NY fans to see this guy get yanked after 2 outs in the first inning, and know he is making $8 mil a year to work on his command and confidence.

We should all get that kind of on-the-job training.

What it does show you is how sophisticated the Yankees are about creating interest in a guy they would now dearly love to unload. After all, the article is supposedly about the M's interest in Contreras, and yet-

"Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said the Mariners had not told him of their interest. "

And yet the name of the article is Contreras Draws Mariners' Interest!!

This sounds like the same kind of reporting we get here in Seattle about major changes coming to the lineup. It's all about publicity baby.

What the Yankees would love to do is create the notion there are a ton of teams out there who would love to get this guy. The fact of the matter is right now, unless Contreras starts pitching a whole lot better, or unless the Yankees are willing to eat practically the entire contract, there is moderate interest at best at doing the Yankees a favor and taking this guy off their hands.

I mean, if the M's want a player with a high ceiling but command and confidence problems, we already have a guy named Meche who fills that role perfectly, and he doesn't cost $8 million!

What he M's need to be doing is creating the idea that Garcia is THE pitcher for teams looking to upgrade for the stretch run, and they expect to get tremendous value for him. This guy would look great pitching for Boston, or NY, or the Reds, or the Dodgers or...

C'mon Bavasi, start creating some positive publicity for this team, or I'll be the only watching when the pesky Expos come to town.