Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Fun game to watch last night

It was great watching Nageotte pitch last night. We have been told his biggest problem has been walking people, and it wasn't hard to see why after watching him pitch. He was all over the place- pitch in the dirt, next pitch shoulder high, inside, outside... It was very entertaining seeing major leagues swinging at some REALLY bad pitches- reminds me of little league, where you scream "What were you thinking swinging at that pitch?!!" (Including Ichiro, did you see that pitch he swung at for strike 3 that I think hit the ground before it even reached the plate? But I digress)

In some ways the Astros might have been the perfect team to go against- they like to swing, and went up there hacking- Let's call it Hack-a-Clint, and it worked perfectly. Let's see how Clint does against a more patient team like the Yankee, Red Sox or A's.

The only real issue I had about his performance was the pitch count- it gets old watching our pitchers hitting 70 pitches in the 4th inning. We are seeing this even with our veteran control guys like Moyer. Nobody can zip through an inning any more, and this scares me a little bit. With the bullpen troubles we've had this year, we are going to continue to see Melvin leave pitchers in an inning too long trying to get those extra outs.

Sending Nageotte out with almost 100 pitches for his final inning had me a little nervous, but fortunately it went quickly.

Now on to the Rocket. I might have more to say about this later, but I really can't stand the guy. Naming all his kids with a K? What's up with that? He drives a Hummer. He was a Yankee...

And what about this beanball stuff over the years. Remember how everyone said we'd never see Roger pitch inside so much since he doesn't have to bat in the AL? Well I haven't see Roger getting beaned by the opposing batter, so I'd like to hear if he is not pitching inside as much, of if all the attention means he's getting a free pass. I expect as the NL Central race heats up, Roger will make some punk move during the season and bean somebody.

Let's hope Joel can control himself out there and make this game exciting. How about the last place M's give Roger his first loss of the year!