Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Go vote!

No, I'm not talking about Michael Moore's latest film, I'm talking about the All Star game. My son last night reminded me to get on the Internet and submit my vote before it's too late.

I first started voting over a month ago at the ball park, and it's just as tough now as it was then. As I mentioned quite a while back, you really have to think about your AL SS this year. Jeter has bounced back since then, but no way he gets my vote. I'd take Tejada over Jeter for numerous reasons, but of course Carlos gets my vote simply based on the season he's had.

Nor do I factor in past seasons- only in the case of a tie breaker. To me, the All Star game is about who had the best season THIS YEAR. I know many think the opposite- they don't want half-season heroes, they want people with a track record.

Personally, I think if you vote for anyone on the M's other than Ichiro you are a homer of the worst kind. Bret Boone is the only one who will even get any kind of votes, and how can you possibly vote for him with the season he's had? I bet Bret would be embarrassed to go to the All Star game, and he doesn't deserve it anyway.

So anyway, go vote here.

BTW- I hope Boston bounces back and takes one from the Yankees. It's no fun if the Yanks run away with it.

Also, I am rooting for Garcia tonight. It will be interesting to see how he handles the trade on the field.

Finally, the only reason to watch tonights game is to see Clint pitch. I doubt half the people filing into the stands even know who he is.