Mariners Analysis

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Good thing the M's have day off today

So Bavasi and crew can ponder this season and hopefully realize they might have to actually make a decision some time this summer. A few thoughts on last nights game-
* Freddy pitched great again. I can't believe teams aren't killing themselves to get this guy. All the attention is on Beltran, but realistically Freddy might be more effective in getting your team to the playoffs.
* That catch Randy made over the wall was fantastic. I thought for sure it was a homer, and loved how Randy casually produced the ball. Notice he never smiled once? C'mon Randy, it's okay to smile every once in a while.
* The catch Randy didn't make in the 8th on Jeff Kent's blooper was terrible. Did you notice Randy didn't even run hard after the ball, he was jogging in and watched it fall. A true CF calls off guys and makes that catch.
* Melvin getting tossed was so staged and fake, it was hard to watch.
* I don't know why I keep watching these games, but I do. It's sort of like watching a train wreck I guess, you can't help but look at the carnage.

But whatever you do Bavasi, don't resign your best pitcher, and don't take offers for him either. Just keep hoping the nightmare goes away.

I know I am.