Mariners Analysis

Friday, June 18, 2004

I am smarter than Billy Beane.

Well okay, not really, but at least I knew something before the season started that Billy didn't, and I bet you did too.

I am talking about our good friend Arthur Rhodes. The man, put simply, is no closer. I knew it, you knew it, everyone breathing EXCEPT Billy Beane knew it.

Who can forget those mammoth shots Justice hit off of Rhodes back when the M's didn't completely suck? Who can forget Rondell White and a certain bases-loaded situation last year with Rhodes on the mound? Who doesn't even need to look at his career numbers, because we just KNOW the man sucks when the score board operator changes the inning from an 8 to a 9?

So here is Mr. Beane, a genius, a man who lives for numbers.

And he completely ignored the numbers and signed him anyway. To a three year contract!

So he has a little bit of a mess on his hands. He's in first place, he has no closer, and he knows he needs to friggin win a playoff series at some point in his lifetime. While he is going to go with Justin Lehr for now, I am certain he wouldn't mind someone with a little more experience.

This is where the M's come in.

We have a closer, a really good one in fact. The problem is we suck so bad we rarely need him. What we need is to get younger. The A's have a 3rd base prospect, Mark Teahan who is coming through the system. Perhaps you might have heard of him? (grin)

Plus the A's have a guy named Chavez who plays the position, and should be back before the end of the year.

We know Beane is a little reckless sometimes, and isn't afraid to take chances. While you don't normally trade in your division, Seattle is no threat to the A's making the postseason this year. We'll worry about next year, next year!

So, would you trade Eddie Guardado for Mark Teahan?