Mariners Analysis

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Let's hope Freddy doesn't sign with the Yankees

I'm sure Chicago will try to sign Freddy ASAP- with all they gave, they simply can't afford to let him get away. Meanwhile, I am so thankful the M's didn't cave in to the power of NY and let him become a Yankee. Just because Brian Cashman really wanted him didn't mean we had to trade him and accept whatever they had lying around.

Bavasi in post-trade interviews sounded pretty good- he admitted the M's defense sucks, and they need to bring in more offense.

We now know Reed will go to Tacoma, but are still waiting to hear who will replace Freddy. Meche? Villone?

This trade is so exciting. And the best part? I suspect a few more positive trades will take place in the next month, based on Bavasi's comments.