Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 07, 2004

Matt Tuiasasopo a good pick for several reasons

I know it is easy to criticize every thing the M's do lately, given their poor track record, but I actually like taking Tuiasasopo with the 93rd pick.

The M's know they need to make some moves- both baseball and PR wise. For a team that values pitching so much, it is good to see them take a position player. Reality check #1 for the M's; they have noticed they can't score any runs- good for them.

Two, they just spoke with Tuiasasopo yesterday. I am quite sure the M's talked money, and know exactly what it is going to cost to sign this guy.

Without having a 1st and 2nd round pick, the M's have money to spend. Considering the current payroll is well below where it should be, for once, the M's can spend what it takes to get this thing done.

Tuiasasopo has already said he will only play one sport- baseball or football, not both.

The M's would have not drafted Tuiasasopo if they didn't know he is signable, and money will not be the issue.

Expect Tuiasasopo to sign with the M's by the end of the week. Seattle fans win either way- I'd much rather see Tuiasasopo in an M's uniform instead of pinstripes. The Yankees were interested in Matt, and no way do I want to see a local guy become a Yankee. It's bad enough we have to see his brother play for the Raiders.

Let's see how the rest of the picks go and perhaps we can identify a pattern to the M's draft this year.