Mariners Analysis

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Melvin starting to wonder if the M's will turn it around...

How can you not laugh at Melvin's antics after the game- its like he's slowly figuring out what we've all been saying for months. This team sucks, its not going to magically get better, and moving Ichiro into the 3-hole is not going to win you a manager-of-the-month plaque. He's the last person with any interest in baseball who still thinks they can turn this thing around and catch those pesky A's.

Bob has been running the same lineup out there for a year and half now, and Mr. Creativity is starting to realize he may have to actually do something. You know Bob, some people might say your job is on the line, and you might want to look back on your time here and feel like you at least TRIED to do something.

Watching Bob manage this teams reminds me of the movie "Office Space." I can just see the consultants coming in to interview the M's front office during the season, and try to figure out what exactly Bob does:

Consultant #1:   So Bob, its your job to fill out the lineup card, right?
Melvin: Yeah, that's right.
Consultant #2:   So you fill out the lineup card, and then what?
Melvin: Well, I don't actually fill it out, Lachemann does it for me.
Consultant #2:  Then it goes to the umpire, right?
Melvin: Right.
Consultant #2:   So you walk it over to the ump, then.
Melvin: usually Myers or Aldrete does it for me.
Consultant #1:   So, help us out here Bob. What exactly do you do here?
Melvin:  I'm the manager dam*&it! It's my job to fill out the lineup every day!! Can't you see that. Don't you get it, I'm a people person. I manage the Seattle Mariners...

It can't be just me right? Can someone actually articulate in a logical manner why Melvin should continue to coach this team? I would love to hear a compelling "pro-Melvin" case study that can show something he has actually done as manager of the M's.

Nice guy? Absolutely.

Manager material? Haven't seen it. Likely a great bench coach, great guy to have in the clubhouse, extremely loyal. Not a deep thinker. Not the guy I want leading us out of the mess we are in. I have lost confidence in his leadership, and need to see something to get it back.

So while we wait to see what brilliant ideas Melvin comes up with...

* Why haven't the M's signed Matt Tuiasasopo? Either Matt has significantly altered his demands, or the M's are waiting for more picks to sign to better evaluate the market. I suspect the latter.

* A few nice throws from Mr. Borders last night. While I don't like wasting valuable playing time during a season going nowhere, I have to admire a guy who can still nail a runner like he did last night, while scoring the teams only run.

* After all the early season pitching problems, this team is now where we thought it would be- near the top of the AL in ERA. The future of the franchise rests in its pitching, and there is a glimmer of hope to be found here.

* Great job pitching by Nageotte last night. Could the guy have been sweating any harder? Cripes, I felt like taking a shower just watching the guy. Too bad about the hand cramp, I would have liked to have seen him pitch a few more innings.

* After watching yet another great pitching performance by a starter go nowhere, and seeing the M's almost shut out yet again, was anyone screaming "Get Contreras!" at the TV? I know I wasn't...

C'mon Frankie, let's see you pitch great today. I love reading all the excuses why you shouldn't be on this team.

Franklin basher- "Sure he pitched 7 innings and gave up 3 runs, but his (insert whatever statistic you feel is more important than ERA here) ratio in day games is .45 over league average, and without Cameron in center we might as well forfeit the game, and ...

Good times, good times.