Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 21, 2004

Melvin's going blond- catch the excitement

Wow, the M's are on fire- 4 wins in a row. Perhaps Melvin got tired of seeing Lou get all the pub and decided to start his own streak.

So what were the M's missing at the beginning of the season that they seem to have now? The formula seems to be-
- play equally bad teams
- get unbelievable starting pitching

No, it wasn't moving Ichiro in the 3-hole, and it wasn't sitting Edgar. The M's haven't really been scoring more either; Boone still sucks, and the M's have been struggling to put 5 runs on the board even when facing pitchers with ERAs over 6 and facing being sent to the minors.

But when your starting pitchers are keeping teams to roughly 2 runs a game, you are going to win some games. We don't need to have played professional baseball to figure that much out.

Meanwhile, we can only guess what the FO is thinking. Is Bavasi telling everyone, let's hold off on making a move until this plays out? Is the fact the M's are only 9 games out (which would put you on pace to finish the season at over 20) causing the FO to change whatever secret plans they had?

I'm disappointed at the lack of coverage in the local papers- we are not getting any real insight of late into what the M's are doing. Steve Kelley seems to think the Lakers are a local team, and without regular interviews with the FO we can only guess what is going on.

Meanwhile, Melvin gets his hair colored- read all about it!