Mariners Analysis

Saturday, June 05, 2004

More and more, I'm convinced Melvin must be let go

I've struggled with the thought all season about how much blame should be pinned on Melvin. I mean, can we really blame the manager when Bret Boone is hitting .220? When Bavasi trades your SS and brings in a guy who's older... blah, blah, blah. We know all the things that are going on with this team, and a lot of them are not the managers fault.

I was so pissed at the Mariners last year when they refused to even interview Dusty Baker. I thought a team like the M's were one of the premier managerial jobs, and was put off by the arrogance of Lincoln and crew. Instead we were given a rookie who had never managed, and I seriously believed with Baker we could have made the playoffs last year. Melvin made rookie mistakes last year- overworked Meche, refused to juggle his starting pitching in September, didn't get enough rest to Ichiro etc...

But more and more I am seeing things that make me lose all faith in Melvin, and I now believe without a doubt he should be let go after this season.

Bunting in the 8th last night. Unbelievable.

The final straw were his comments regarding Ramon Santiago and Jamal Strong. With Ibanez going on the DL, the M's have no power at all. So instead they bring up Ramon Santiago. So he must be doing really well in Tacoma to at least warrant the call up, right? No, he has been performing terribly, hitting .159.

Melvin speak, per the PI on Strong, and why Melvin has no use for his .331 BA and defense-

"He's a guy who, down the road, we can see playing every day," Melvin said. "But bringing him up here and not playing him is just not the right thing to do for him."

I'm sorry, but Bob, have you actually been watching your current CF play? He has no range, hits for no power, and I would think you would be begging to get this guy out. You play Strong in CF, EVERY DAY and move Winn to LF, where he performed adequately last year.

Bob, your current team stinks! Have you not been noticing your team is the worst in the AL? You cannot keep running the same guys out there- they are not getting the job done. Can there possibly be a better time than now to start seeing what these guys in Tacoma can do?

Okay Bob, you keep running Cabrera out there, and do what you will with Santiago. Go get whatever cast-off you want from other teams, and let your boys in AAA stay in Tacoma.

But I don't want you as my manager of this team any longer.

It is time for Melvin to go.