Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 07, 2004

More signs Bavasi is a fool

Per Peter Gammons today regarding trading Garcia:

"Williams, like Brian Cashman, Theo Epstein and others, was told by Mariners GM Bill Bavasi that he wants to wait a couple of more weeks before he starts taking bids on Freddy Garcia."

Why in the world would you wait to take bids? It makes no sense. How can you make a rationale argument to re-sign Garcia if you don't even know what you could get for him? Haven't we been told teams are more willing to trade now when they know they get more starts from him, as opposed to the trade deadline?

What does Bavasi think will happen to the M's in two weeks?

What the Mariners should be doing is taking bids NOW.

At the same time, they should be talking to Garcia's agent and finding out what it would take to sign Freddy to a long term deal. The M's have money, so that is not the problem. If Garcia refuses to negotiate, then you already know what teams are willing to offer in return. Trading a young, successful pitcher like Garcia is a HUGE decision. Make the wrong choice, and you could join Woody in the Hall-of-Shame. The more you wait, the less time you have to make the correct decision. You need more information right now, NOT LESS!

By taking bids now, you also can be more open with other GM's- eg. Look Theo, I already have an offer for 2 blue-chip prospects, so you're going to need to up the offer....

This gives each team more time to put together their strongest offer, and allows you to get maximum value. Telling teams to wait on giving you trade scenarios is idiotic.

This team is so paralyzed by fear of making the wrong decision, they are simply postponing the inevitable hoping it will go away. Well guess what, this team is going to suck no matter how much Bavasi procrastinates.