Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 07, 2004

Nice to see the M's come from behind

Of course it's too bad they have to come from behind for practically every game they win, since the idea of putting some runs on board early against a teams starter hasn't stuck. You also could argue Koch lost the game as much as the M's won it, but hey, a win is a win.

Plus it's nice when the fans get to go home happy, something they haven't done very many times this year.

I have to say I am still somewhat shocked over how bad Randy Winn's defense has become this year. I watched a TON of games last year and never found myself questioning Randy's defense in LF. Sure he's always had a weak arm, but with Cameron and Ichiro I thought the M's had one of the best outfields in baseball defensively, and never thought of Winn as slow.

But man, this year he is just awful. He had yet another ball go over his head for a double that should have been easily caught last night. And this was when he was in LF, not center. I just don't see how he could have gotten so bad so quickly. He can't read the ball at all off the bat, and he seems so confused as to his route.

Wow, and to think the M's signed him for 2 more years. Let's hope the M's are recognizing that he is struggling and are working with him. Given some of Bob's comments lately I'm not so sure.

Oh well, I can say I am excited to see Clint pitch tonight. And of course tomorrow, man I hate the Rocket. I truly hope the M's finally hit this guy, as I was in the stands for the infamous 1-hit playoff game with the Yanks and went home mighty disappointed.

At least I have a reason to watch some games for a change.