Mariners Analysis

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Oh, and one more thing about Bavasi's comments

As we've all read today, Bavasi made clear two scenarios he is not considering-

1) Trading prospects for a rent-a-player.

2) Trading a "better player" (his words) for prospects.

In other words, Bavasi has basically said they won't do anything this year.

How many times do we see a team in contention trade a valuable, locked-up offensive player at the deadline? Almost never. The whole point of a team making a trade with an eye towards the playoffs is to get better THIS YEAR. The team on the receiving end makes the trade to get better FOR THE FUTURE. The team who is already out of contention doesn't care if they win a few more games- they are already out of the race. That is by far the most common trade made at the deadline- a mutually beneficial trade between a team doing well this year, and team hoping to get better next. It's not like the Yankees and Red Sox will be talking trade scenarios any time soon, right?

It's amazing to think that Bavasi is not already looking towards next season when it comes to position players. There is no way you can go into next season and expect to fill out half your everyday players through free agency. Since you obviously don't like what you have in the minors, since you refuse to play any of them, use the trading deadline coming up to help your team. It's that simple- you don't even need to think of it as being a buyer or seller; you're just making your team better.

I just can't see how Bavasi doesn't see the same thing.

Unless he restricts himself to only making trades with teams who are also out of the race, thereby reducing what he gets in a trade, then by Bavasi's own logic the M's are seriously limiting their options.

The only other scenario is to trade junk-for-junk eg. the Hidalgo trade. We trade our guy who sucks for your guy who sucks, and let's hope a change of scenery fixes everything.

But that wouldn't seem to work with Garcia (he's not junk).

So like I said at the beginning, either Bavasi goes against everything he said today, or the M's will make no serious moves this year.