Mariners Analysis

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Quick thoughts while we watch game 2 get started

First, I don't like Ichiro hitting in the 3 hole. It's putting a band-aid on a problem- no one thinks this is something that should continue long term. So why not actually TREAT the symptom? ie. put someone there either via trade or the minors. In the meantime, we might be cooling off the only hitter having a decent season so far.

I blame Melvin if he doesn't see this shortly and try something else.

Which leads to me to obvious point #2. With the trades this week of Hidalgo and Koch, the trading season has officially begun. Teams are not waiting to see if they should be buyers or sellers, they are trying to make their team better. I wish the M's would do the same.

Also, with Rhodes absent, the A's blew another save to the Cubs with two runs allowed in the 9th inning. I'm telling you, CALL BILLY NOW!!

There is an opportunity here- we have a closer we don't really need, and the A's have players we desire. There are lots of possibilities for who we would get- Billy is shrewd, and can help ole Bill out if need be.

Call the damn A's!!

Oh yeah, go M's.