Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 28, 2004

Tampa Bay wins again

Wow, Texas in first place and Tampa Bay rolling. Crazy times.

I see a few people are trying to justify the trade of Garcia by rationalizing that he will probably start to decline as a pitcher. While I am happy Bavasi made the trade, it is crazy to try and say Garcia is overrated .

If you look at Garcia's career here in Seattle, we see two trips to the All Star game, and one AL ERA crown. Not bad for a guy who just turned 28. We also see lots of innings, and great durability.

If there is one thing we can be sure of all the parties traded Sunday, Garcia will almost certainly be an effective pitcher in the future. With any kind of run support, he would be going to the ALL Star game THIS YEAR. We traded an All Star pitcher, in his prime. To try and rationalize this trade by predicting Garcia will fail because he's not pitching in Safeco is ridiculous.

I wish Freddy well. He pitched great against the Yankees, and I will miss him.

And I have no doubt the White Sox are thrilled to have him, and he will continue to pitch well. Have a good career Freddy.

With decent run support, I suspect Freddy will start to look like the pitcher we saw in 2001.