Mariners Analysis

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Texas has 21 hits so far!

With Moyer still pitching, it will be interesting to see how Melvin handles his pitchers this weekend. Will they call someone up, or move up the starters? Of course while I ponder this, I catch myself realizing it doesn't really matter what they do...

Texas is so surprising right now. The M's pitchers went in to this series doing quite well, but the Rangers are just killing them. I would have never imagined they would be leading the division this late in the season- I still don't think they can keep it up, but with Anaheim and Oakland struggling, the West appears more and more to be wide open.

Except to the Mariners of course. You can't help but be even more frustrated with the present club knowing a .500 team right now would be in the race. As many of us have pointed out, the M's don't need to make a huge trade right now. They have a number of players having nice seasons in Tacoma that could easily be brought up, but the M's refuse.


I'm guessing part of it is due to the 40 man roster. If they wanted to bring up someone not on the roster, the likely candidate to go off the list would be Santiago. And I doubt the M's want to make it look like they traded an All-Star SS to Detroit and just put one of the two players obtained on waivers before the break.

There is nothing stopping them from bringing up Jamal Strong from Tacoma of course. Or Leone. We've been discussing for weeks that the M's should be evaluating young talent to better make informed decisions in the future, but the FO doesn't see it that way.