Mariners Analysis

Friday, June 11, 2004

What will it mean if the M's can't win the series this weekend?

Big picture, you're in last place even if you sweep this weekend, but lets face it; the M's should win at least 2 games in the series, dontcha think?

I mean, you practically juggled your schedule to have your best pitchers on the mound (another jab at not pitching Clint this weekend).

You're facing a team that might actually suck more than you.

You play them at home.

They had to travel 400,000 miles to get here.

What possible hope can Bavasi and other delusional types have about coming back this season if the M's can't even handle these Expos? While most of have long since stuck a fork in these guys, managements reluctance to acknowledge the huge elephant in the room means we have to sit through meaningless series like this weekend.

No callups for deserving left-handed relievers with insane strikeout rates, and no glimpses of infielders with power.

No, we're just left with two teams with the worst record in baseball going head to head.

But unlike Bill, I don't get paid to watch it.