Mariners Analysis

Monday, June 14, 2004

Why are the M's trading Freddy?

This is a pretty big question, and one I expect to explore over the coming weeks. I doubt there is one simple answer, and without some of the inside information, we have to speculate more than we want.

But that's what we do as fans; sit around and try to figure out what the heck to do to make our team better.

With that being said, why would the M's trade Freddy?

He's young, durable, healthy, keeps a low profile and has had outstanding success overall to date.

And yet at this point, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that he will be gone by the deadline. We have heard nothing to date from Garcia's agent, or the M's front office, that they are talking about an extension. Without one, it would be crazy for the M's to risk letting Freddy walk with little compensation at the end of the year. So until we hear otherwise, he appears to be gone.

And again, why?

It would seem there appear to be issues with the M's front office and Garcia personally that is behind this. Why do we believe that? Because of one of the few facts we do know- that the M's were downright pissed when they lost arbitration to Freddy last year. In fact, they were so petty about the whole thing, Lincoln even hinted it was due to Freddy winning his case the M's would not be able to make a mid-season deal due to money. The arrogance of an owner pinning the blame on a player for hindering the ability to acquire new players is unbelievable when we now know the M's have been operating at a roughly $15 million a year profit clip for four years.

We also know the M's were very disappointed in Garcia last year, especially with regard to his inconsistent pitching. Combined with winning his arbitration, he also upset management with performances not befitting a #1 starter. The result almost led to the M's non-tendering Garcia this past winter.

Can you imagine how close the M's came to an unbelievable disaster this past winter? Imagine if Garcia was 8-1 with the Yankees right now!

So all we can figure is Garcia made a lot of money, and disappointed management by not performing to the level expected. If this is indeed the case, then management must be livid at Jon Olerud. After all, the guy is making over $7 million this year, more than Freddy ever has, and is one of the worst 1st basemen in the league.

And what about Bret Boone and his year to date? I can only guess Lincoln isn't taking his calls, and is planning on dumping him the second he gets the chance?

And yet we hear nothing but support coming from the front office with regards to our overpaid, underperforming sluggers.

I think it is reasonable for baseball fans to sit back and wonder why Freddy will be traded this summer. In fact, fans must demand to know why management is trading one of baseballs most precious commodities- a top-of-the rotation pitcher.

Before we talk about what we can get for Freddy, the first question needs to be: