Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Will the M's finish the season at .500?

It looks like the M's are starting to play somewhat better, and it seems like they are perhaps playing like a .500 club. Of course if you take away Boston (where they lost 2 of 3) they have been playing better against the likes of Cleveland and Toronto. I would hope the M's aren't kidding themselves into thinking this team is starting to play the way the front-office intended earlier in the year. Do they not remember Detroit coming in and almost sweeping the M's?

There is no way this team is a playoff caliber team, and with the M's having the second highest revenue in baseball, anything else is a joke. For the M's to have been eliminated from post-season contention in MAY is beyond comprehension. Gillick and Bavasi, directly responsible for the fiasco, haven't given us any clue as to the plan moving forward.

Instead, we all get to sit around and guess what the M's might or might not do. What about all the changes we were led to believe were coming? Does the mid-level execs push for change but are getting overridden by Lincoln? It's impossible to say right now.

Why is Aurilia still on this team? Didn't we hear he was about to be dropped from the roster? Was the information wrong, or was the plan based on the Cubs actually trading for him?

Who knows? Even Peter Gammons is left to guess at what the M's might do, because it is clear THERE IS NO PLAN.

Trade Boone, keep him. Platoon Olerud, dangle Garcia, re-sign Garcia... It makes you crazy trying to predict what they will do. With the way this team plays, and with the way this management team makes decisions, it makes you crazy trying to predict their thought process.

So, with Meche pitching tonight, we should expect him to get lit up.

Which means he'll probably pitch great :)