Mariners Analysis

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Will the M's make a record profit this year?

Here's another thing Lincoln needs to start thinking about- If the M's don't start acquiring more payroll, they are going to make a ton of money this year.

And I would think given our current record, this is going to be a public relations disaster.

Of course before I get into the money problem, maybe I am wasting my time threatening the M's with a PR problem. After all, this is one of the dumbest businesses I've ever seen when it comes to PR. If the M's actually waste money each year on a PR firm, they need to fire the firm ASAP, and if they don't have one, get one!

A quick look at the brilliance of the M's PR department-

  • On the same day Griffey receives his MVP award, the club announces they will not re-sign Randy Johnson. Good call.
  • Instead of offering Johnson any contract, and allowing themselves to say later they at least TRIED to retain the future HOF, the M's refuse and create a pouting, angry distraction. The end result also creates the impression believed by many that Randy would have never signed, as he was headed to Arizona. Today, the team will never know if he would have actually stayed.
  • M's watch Randy win 4 Cy Young awards, and a WS
  • M's take pitcher obtained in Johnson trade and eventually publicly make him the team scapegoat for why they cannot make mid-season trade
  • M's trade SS obtained in Johnson deal to Detroit, where he quickly has an All-Star season
  • M's promote players obtained in trade over more deserving homegrown players
  • M's FO tells manager to put Jarvis on roster over manager objections
  • M's FO tells manager to play Jarvis as often as possible
  • M's replace young SS sent to Detroit for aging, NL hitter who no longer benefits from Barry Bonds
  • M's find themselves in the cellar, Lincoln is asked if he would consider lowering concession prices. Lincoln refuses to even consider lowering prices of any kind.
  • Dusty Baker takes a team to the world series, and wants to manage the Mariners. The M's refuse to even interview the nationally known manager with extensive experience.
  • When major free-agents are available, the M's refuse to even talk to the player or agent, creating the impression to fans they care more about profit than winning (eg. Vlad, plus a hundred others)
  • And on, and on, and on. I can think of a dozen more w/o even trying, but I think we get the idea. Everyone makes mistakes, but this organization makes Microsoft look like a non-profit. Do I need to even get started with the whole Safeco cost over-run situation...

Okay, so I've established that the M's don't care as much as you might think about the PR hit they will be taking in the future, so I'll get back on topic regarding profit.

Let's walk through what we know. Last year the M's payroll was in the $93 million range. Even with that payroll, the M's still managed to pocket around $15 million. (It is impossible to get an exact figure, but enough sources have indicated they made a profit that I think most of us agreed they did quite nicely.)

Well today, the present payroll on the field is in the $75 million range. Of course we can't forget our good friend Jarvis, which puts the payroll back around $80 million. Now it's true the M's will experience a drop in attendance this year, but not enough to make up the difference. With so many tickets sold before the season, the M's stand to make significantly more money this year.

How do you think it's going to look at the end of the year when the M's finish in last place, and we hear Lincoln and crew had the most profitable team in all of baseball? $20 million profit? $25 million profit?

That's what makes this team so frustrating right now. Not only are we not doing anything, we have money sitting on the table that needs to be spent.

It's OUR money, the money we spend every time we go to the ballpark, every time we watch a game. The M's are not spending our money, and I'm getting sick of it!!