Mariners Analysis

Monday, July 05, 2004

Any interest in Nomar Garciaparra?

It's no secret Boston is looking to dump Nomar after his hissy-fit in the Yanks series last week.

Normally given our current situation, I would look forward to swapping players and it would make the season a little more interesting. However after seeing Nomar quit on his team, why would anyone want this guy?

It's even more unbelievable when you think Nomar pulled this stunt in a contract year. How much will this cost him- $10 million, $30 million?? Whatever it will be, it's a lot!

So I say pass unless Boston is willing to take on players we want to dump- Shiggy, Winn, Spiezio et al.


Regarding Olerud waiving his no trade clause....

It certainly is Jon's right to invoke it. It is in his contract, he wants to see his kids more often, he's a very nice person...

But its also true that Jon is terribly overpaid, and not performing to the level he expected to play when he signed the contract.

So if baseball is no longer the number 1 priority for Jon, and family is, then the M's have every right to sit his ass on the bench for the rest of season.

Where he can think about his kids, and not why he didn't swing at that pitch right down the middle.