Mariners Analysis

Friday, July 09, 2004

Any reason to believe M's will release Aurilia?

It really doesn't make any sense to release Aurilia right now. Sure, you clear up your roster spot for when Ibanez comes back, but who's your starting shortstop?

Santiago- done nothing this year to deserve the job
Bloomquist- same argument
Leone- needs to be playing 3rd

Now if Jose Lopez wasn't hurt, I'd agree you drop Aurilia and play him instead. But I'd rather have Aurilia than Santiago or Bloomquist. If it comes down to releasing Aurilia and Leone gets the SS job for the rest of the year, I'll take it, but its a curious move by the M's.

Remember how almost two months ago we heard the M's were ready to release Aurilia? Of course nothing happened, so I'll believe the latest rumor when it comes true.

Here's Rich's line so far:
.241 / .305 / .339 / .643
4 HR's, 28 RBI
Here's Olerud's:
.249 / .356 / .366 / .722
5 HR's, 22 RBI

Not sure why Aurilia suddenly deserves the Jarvis treatment, given he makes half as much money as Olerud and plays at a position the M's have far fewer options. It will be interesting to see what the M's FO does.

Meanwhile, last nights game was a new low, but we'll see plenty of those throughout the rest of the season. Franklin's stinks right now, and the M's bullpen is right with him.

There is no reason the M's should be this bad- they are no playoff team, but they also are not a 100 loss team either.

But that is what we are looking at. This team is completely leaderless right now- no inspiration from the team, or the manager.

I can't possibly see the team pulling out of this nosedive. Can you believe the Texas Rangers are leading the division, and the M's are this bad??