Mariners Analysis

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Boone next?

With Olerud packing, the M's FO has to be looking over at second base. Bret has been just as bad as Olerud this year, and yet has a huge contract for next year. People are finally starting to realize Boone's trade value right now is almost zero.

Per the times-

"Boone, with $9.25 million due next year, has a market so limited as to be virtually non-existent. He was included in a package that would have sent him and Garcia to the Yankees, but that fell apart when New York balked at having to give up players as well as pick up Boone's 2005 salary."

So why is John getting dumped and Bret is still here? The M's have more options at first base, and Bret's 450 AB clause. Otherwise it could have just as easily been Boone, whose defense in my opinion is noticeable worse this year.

I notice plenty of people are ripping on the M's management for cutting ties with Olerud. I wonder how people feel sorry for a guy who will make more in the next two months than some will make in their lifetime. How about holding the players accountable for their performance? When John signed that contract, expectations on performance were part of the deal.

Several people make it sound like John left millions of dollars on the table when he left the Mets. John left the Mets because the M's gave him a ton of money to do so. John signed the recent two-year deal because it contained 15 millions reason to stay in Seattle. It's not like he pulled a Karl Malone and signed for pennies on the dollar. John is a multi-millionaire who never has to work a day in his life again if he so chooses.

I wish John well, he's a great person. But I was not willing to shell out $7 for a beer to watch him look at called strikes.

More comments centered around how few RBIs John's collected. A number of people point out how much fewer opportunities John had than other first baseman. It's true John often batted 6 or 7, but that was because he played so poorly. Jon was just as responsible for not getting on base or driving in runs as as Edgar, Aurilia, Martinez etc... They were all part of the problem. John didn't drive in Edgar, who didn't Boone... how can you say Olerud should have gotten more chances? Crappy teams always have fewer RBI opportunities and give up more runs. You can't just keep rolling out the same product, or playing Cabrera again and again.

It seems like many fans wanted changes, but then were upset when they actually happened. It's like dropping out of school and then finding it hard to get a good job.

Seems like Bavasi thought the present situation through and made a sound decision.

A tough decision, but the right one.