Mariners Analysis

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Did Garcia sign for 3/yr-$27 million?

Still waiting to see confirmation. If so, that is a very fair deal, and clearly shows Garcia was not interested in getting set for life with this contract ala. Alex or Carlos.

Regarding Olerud, I notice David at USS Mariner wonders why the resentment torwards our first baseman.

Certainly ball players making $7 million/yr are hard for most of us to relate to. And having a daughter with a physical ailment is one of the worst things any human being could go through. So wondering what one of us would do in the same situation is pretty difficult.

That said, we want our ball players to want to WIN. We also want our ball players to work in the offseason, and care about their performance. When we hear a player say losing isn't really that bad, as long as I collect my paycheck and get to be near my family, that's when we do a double-take and wonder what we are cheering exactly.

Are we cheering Olerud at Safeco because he's a good father? Do we boo Alex at Safeco because he likes to make a lot of money? Lots of interesting stuff here.

I like Olerud as a person, but I don't like the 40 RBI's he's going to collect. Not at $7.7 million a year.

If Jon is really that concerned with seeing his son off to school, or being there to help his daughter, then retire THIS YEAR. By definition baseball players are on the road all the time anyway, and I can guarantee you Jon's October is wide open this year...

If Jon signs a 2-year deal with some team on the East Coast next year it's going to be hard to forget the 2 months he wouldn't give up this year.

We'll find out in the off season just how important family really is to Jon.